Our Service

If there's one thing that sets us apart, it's about the service we provide - everything more and nothing less. In this aspect we are not merely your car rental company:

We can go to the extent of being your business center as well.

We can make arrangements for your hotel accommodations; book you airline tickets and everything to make your stay in the Philippines more and more convenient.


Now there's this one thing we take pride in. We have used this term "service agents" to emphasize the difference from a person that drives you to and from your point of destination. Our service agents are all equipped with cellular phones to ensure that their service is available to you at your beck and call.

We value your time. In fact, we have a commitment to you on that regard, fast or slow our drivers will make the necessary adjustments to keep you on the dot.

Our Service Agents know the roads of Luzon (the main island of the Philippines) pretty much like the back of their hand. Just tell them where you want to go, the time you need to be there and you can seat back and relax, and the best route to that destination will be transverse.

If play should compliment work, then our Service Agents could make suggestions as to where the fun is, towards your liking of course. Be it shop, dine, fun and games you'll be guided and well.

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